• Typology Commercial, Institutional, Interior
  • Location Gurgaon
  • Area 55,000 sq.ft
  • Year 1998
The concept

Build on a design to synthesize a very contemporary expression befitting the dynamic partnership (between G.E. USA & IPCL India) with an intrinsically “Indian Spirit”

Elements of courtyards, use of screens and arcades as shading devices, water landscape and vegetation form an integral element of building design.

Formal urban vocabulary of the building is denoted by massive forms and volumes.

Project involves reinterpretation and use of traditional forms and elements, with a new meaning.

Historical and traditional elements composing ‘climatic’ buildings rooted in locales have been used as a concept in design of the scheme.

A traditional device of ‘screen’ is used along East and West walls of building in integration with courtyard and colonnades to shade the glazed surfaces of the building planes cutting off the glare.

External landscape penetrates into the building at places along the major axis of the building attaining a ceremonial / formal dimension which equals historic Mughal Architecture of the region.

Water body performs the dual function of the cooling tower for the Air-conditioning system in the building.