ABN Amro Bank Ahmedabad : LEED PLATINUM

  • Typology Commercial, Interior
  • Location Ahmedabad
  • Area 7000 sq.ft
  • Year 2007

The green building design for this project includes the following key features: A number of green concepts are being incorporated at the ABN AMRO Bank. They main features include :

Ideal location with close proximity to public transportation thereby minimizing transportation pollution and strain on local infrastructure.

Provision of bicycle parking spaces along with changing room and shower to promote the use of alternative transportation thereby reducing environmental pollution

High efficiency water system design resulting in water use reduction by over 30%

Energy efficient HVAC systems and electrical equipment providing considerable energy savings over conventional buildings

Provision of space for storage and collection of recyclable materials such as paper, glass, plastic, metals and establishment of contracts with recycling agents.

Good management of construction waste diverting over 90% of the waste generated at site to other purposes and preventing disposal of waste in landfills

Utilization of buildings materials with high recycled content to reduce virgin material exploitation

Utilization of regionally manufactured materials thereby reducing the impact of environmental pollution through transportation

Extensive use of rapidly renewable materials to reduce the use and depletion of finite raw materials and long-cycle renewable materials

Advanced HVAC system design providing superior occupant comfort and excellent indoor air quality

Use of paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, carpet and composite wood products with low VOC content (volatile organic compound) thereby reducing the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are harmful to human health and well-being

Provision of a thermally comfortable environment that supports productivity and well-being of all building occupants

Excellent day lighting and views within the building providing all building occupants a connection between the indoor spaces and the outside