• Typology Master planning-Infrastructure, Architecture, Interior
  • Location Alibaug
  • Area 55,000 sq.ft
  • Year 2014

Otra Vida. Named in Spanish meaning other life, this boutique property isn't just a second home. It's an extension of your life. Whether this other life is one you choose to live by day, night, on weekends or for extended lengths of time, it's one that you'll slip into easily. You'll realise entertaining, relaxing and regenerating come naturally when you're behind this Spanish facade.

Enter a home that Alibaug hasn't seen before. Let Taurean Real Estate take you to a world where your expectations reside. Where an exclusive development of 8 multi level row villas of 2 to 4 bedrooms awaits you. Discover spaces that we've designed with as much care as we could. As you walk around, take in the pleasing aesthetics and the visibly high quality of materials. This is just what we wanted to give you. A livable, adaptable home that interacts with nature yet remains contemporary in its interior design and Spanish exterior. Don't just let us leave you with a great list of specifications, quality materials and thoughtfully designed plans, step into Otra Vida.