CII-ABB Quality Institute, Bangalore

  • Typology Commercial
  • Location Bangalore
  • Area
  • Year 2001

A modern piece of architecture blending with the environment in which it is located and engineered to make an energy efficient building.

The building has some unique features such as Passive Down-Draft Evaporative Cooling (PDEC) and a well- planned layout.

Institutional and recreational areas have a Gufa (cave) typology. Symbolizing the Chaitya caves and the monastic cells of Nalanda.

Landscaping of the areas has pavilions (wind catchers) water channels (PEDC system), representing the Charbaug layout for gardens of paradise.

Sunken landscaped plaza, with flowing water channels, provides buffer between gufa building and break-out rooms.

The design idiom of the building is very much concurrent with the times, yet rooted in the philosophy of building tradition of India.

The wind catchers for PDEC are well integrated into the overall architectural vocabulary.

Institutional building (gufa typology) sits specifically into the site by minimally cutting the existing contours.