Doshi Residence, Vadodara

  • Typology Residential + interior
  • Location Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
  • Site Area 465 square meters
  • Built Up Area 160 square meters
  • Completion Year April 2018

The Doshi residence, designed for an elderly Indian couple, is characterized by a simple and a sustainable approach to a small 2BHK house. Conceptually, the spaces revolve around the daily routine of the client. As it is only a ground structure, it was important to volumetrically design the interiors. Keeping this in mind, the living room, which overlooks the garden, boasts of a double height space. The double height space not only brings in natural light and ventilation, but also creates a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior. The living room becomes a focal point for the couple and for their two sons who visit very often with their respective families. The other spaces, the 2 bedrooms, dinning and kitchen, open into the living room and hence are always connected to the garden.

From a sustainable stand point, we made use of local materials and labor. The exterior walls are constructed of exposed brick which is sourced from within 10kms of the site. Additionally, we have installed a bamboo compound wall which keeps the surface permeable bringing in a cool breeze during the summer nights. All the rooms are kept at 11’6” and the living room is at 16’0”. This allows hot air to rise well above the average human height thereafter keeping it cool at 6’.