Today, we face another frightening issue of the COVID-19 virus entering our buildings unnoticed. With this, the cause for 'SBS' has been amplified to a large extent. It is very likely that the virus will continue to be amongst us over a long time and hence, we have to learn how to live with it. According to some studies, we spend 90% of our time on earth in a building and presently, under the rule of the Pandemic, it mightbe close to a 100%. This means, that more than ever, we need a more sustainable, resilient and a digitized architecture.

So how will hotels bounce back from this terrible set-back ?

Assurance - A sense of safety

Cross Architectures - Learning from

Healthcare Digitize - Check-in Experience

Ventilation - Quality for Indoor Air



Monet Properties, Baroda.

A 12-storey office building in the heart of the business district in Baroda. We are in the process of developing planter beds that will protect the glazing and the interior from solar ingress. An art lover, our esteemed client has included a 70'x20' mural on the road facing wall.


A RESERVOIR OF LEARNING The main driving force for the "Student Oasis" was to create a natural splendor in the widespread desert of concrete structures, through several pockets of Interactive spaces. The aim of these spaces is to engage students in collaborative and physical activities. By activating such areas, the residents create life, community and garner a sense of belonging. In addition to the public spaces, privacy and flexibility were also carved out. The public, semi-public and private spaces have been segregated on different levels. The entire building is placed 3 levels within the ground as a homage to the resilient and ingenious step-wells, thereby representing a reservoir of knowledge.

Major public areas are included on the lowest level or – 3; gym, library and restaurants whilst the terrace greens and bedrooms hover above on the -2, -1 and Ground Level. This approach creates an interesting pattern of landscape accessed by the residents, which is truly inward looking. It was important to create a model that could be efficiently replicated In other ports of the country. As the site resides in Maharashtra, art works of the region are included on exterior and interior surfaces to give a sense of individual identity to the project. In order to encourage the idea of sustainability, many areas have been earmarked for horticulture and green walls to help create a micro-climate.