Minestone Diamond Processing unit, Navsari: LEED GOLD

  • Typology Master planning-Infrastructure, Architecture, Interior
  • Location Navsari, Southern Gujarat
  • Area 55,000 sq.ft
  • Year 2008

This diamond processing unit intends to be the pioneer of Green manufacturing units in the diamond industry. By incorporating various energy efficient systems and eco-friendly features, this project aims to set a world-wide benchmark in the diamond processing industry.

The project has an administrative wing, pre-preparation facilities and processing factory areas. The factory areas have been designed for natural comfort conditions, using sensible orientation, material selection, passive cooling techniques and appropriate ventilation.

The administrative and pre-preparation areas are designed for stringent international Green criteria that cover energy, materials, water, energy and indoor air quality.

The use of daylight, natural ventilation, automation, harmless paints and carpets, recycled materials, landscape treatment, etc. all contribute to the making of this project, as a Green campus.