National Institute of Design R&D Centre, Bangalore

  • Typology Health & Education
  • Location Bangalore
  • Area 34,450 sq.ft
  • Year 2010

Conceptually, the built forms signify themselves as ever growing, extending like biological organisms, personifying growth, environmental stimulation…

The built forms largely face the north taking advantage of the best natural light at the same time exposing the building to minimal heat.

The width of the various academic blocks is kept such that there is sufficient penetration of natural daylight. Between every block is a landscaped courtyard.

At the heart will be a ‘Forum’ – A central amphitheatre and water body, which will become the stimulating center connector - the interface between the public exposition spaces and the privacy of the academy.

The 4 modules/units would be accessed from the central ‘Forum’, the defence related product design center is located under the central forum like a bunker/catacomb with a landscape of skylights above.

The guest house, meeting facilities and cafeteria are on the other side of the central open space. The two rear blocks are planned to grow vertically in case of future expansion.

These would form the backdrop for the entire low-rise institute in the front. The landscape design also derives its strength from the central open space and the intermediate courtyards between various academic blocks.