Young Architects Competition, Marzabotto, Italy

  • Typology Master planning-Infrastructure, Architecture, Interior
  • Location Marzabotto, Italy
  • Area
  • Year 2016

Work in collaboration with NAHID AKRAM

An incredible site characterized by industries and residential architecture which is embraced by nature. The old paper factory was once thriving but very soon could be forgotten. This is an opportunity for us as to re-add value to an existing building.

At present, earth faces greed, atrocities and careless acts which result in the destruction of the environment. When the built environment is left to its own accord with being occupied, nature responds, for example, Chernobyl and Fukushima. Nature, starts to penetrate through the unused buildings and makes it its home. In this sense, nature has a remarkable power to mend and heal the hurt building.

In a similar way, the "Sustainable Edu - Tainment Centre" responds to the old paper factory. The new structure embraces the old building while connecting the past to the future with everything in between. Creation of a museum loop to represent the journey with a historic memorial walkway, to museum and finally to space for future practices.

Town of Marzabotto would have a strong cultural hub which not only demonstrates physical sustainability, but also act as a remarkable example of all around sustainability, which encompasses society, economy, culture, education and recreation.